The CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT™ trademark is recognizable by the logo or stamp affixed to the certificates we issue.CERTIFICATION ACCROPODE CLAS

Behind this logo exist an exclusive service and a reality.

The "CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT™ " label can only be issued to the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® shells of CLASS A and under certain conditions for CLASS B.

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This means that the complete construction of the carapace has benefited from the presence of an accredited inspector CLAS. The surface of the underlayer has benefited from the best visual inspection and has been recognized TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT™ by the CLAS inspector. An inspection report confirming this has been issued. The entire slope and berm laying surface was the subject of this procedure.

ECHOSCOPE®, POSIBLOC or any other acoustic tools or based on the proposed measurement have been subjected to a procedure for assessing the quality and the capacity to construct a structure in accordance with the technology.

The method statement that has proved its effectiveness has been applied or, failing that, has been modified in collaboration with the CLAS inspector.

Our service is exclusive because our inspectors are first of all specialists in construction.

Emergency construction of the ACROPODEII carapace of the breakwater of CERBERES


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Our service is exclusive because our inspectors are specialists in inspection.

This photo illustrates a major non-conformity visible on an ACCROPODEII underlayer.

When CLAS inspectors arrived at the construction site 600 meters of breakwater had been constructed.

CLAS carried out an additional diving inspection which confirmed the seriousness of the situation.

In order to put an end to any contestation CLAS conducted surveys by excavator.

These surveys confirmed our previous diagnostic.

In this case we do a risk analysis and inform our client immediately.

ACCROPODEII disconnected and extracted on a not stable berm.


Our service is exclusive because our inspectors are present full-time during construction.

In order to benefit from the quality mark for your project, the entire underlayer area must have been inspected by our accredited CLAS inspectors and all the blocks ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-block® have been inspected by our accredited CLAS inspectors during construction. The same applies to the installation of the toe mount protection and the interlocking of the crest and the rear slope or guard wall according to the design.

Connection of an ACCROPODE with a rear embankment


Using the registered trademark is the guarantee of having a reliable, thorough, impartial and independent expertise on your project, free of the risk of conflict of interest.

Our trademark

CLAS has registered a trademark: CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT™ recognizable to this logo or stamp affixed to the documents we issue:


We have created this brand to differentiate ourselves from engineers and design offices that do not apply the quality and rigor standards that have made our reputation.


All our inspectors are also certified professional divers IMCA and HSE. They all speak English. They have practical experience in pedagogy in addition to the skills required by the marine construction and inspection for ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc®.

The inspectors are accredited by CLAS on the basis of the ISO 17020-2012 standard which guarantees the following qualities:

- Skill.
- Independence.
- Impartiality.
- Confidentiality.
- Maintenance of skills and knowledge.

This quality mark confirms that the following parts of the work:

- Underlayer,
- Horizontal flat berm,
- Concrete blocks,
- Toe mount protection,

have undergone a real visual inspection performed by an accredited CLAS inspector. The identified non-conformities have been repaired and re-examined until confirmation that the inspected section meets the specifications. This is in line with the desire to allow for approval based on the certainty that the structure is well built, as opposed to approvals based on means whose limits and failures are poorly known and lead to approval procedures based on the supposed absence of non-conformities.

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The mark on the inspection reports and the documents we issue confirms that we have evidence that the inspected parts of the work are in accordance with design and technology.

The classification A, B and C of the breakwater armors using the one layer technology and the CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT ™ trademark are protected by national laws and international conventions governing intellectual property. Consequently, any use of this classification and the CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT ™ mark is strictly prohibited, except with the written permission of CLAS (CLAS, Prat de Baix d'Envalira, AD100, Canillo, ANDORRA). We invite you to report any use that seems suspicious to verify the authenticity. CLAS disclaims all liability for the unauthorized use of its classification and mark; such unauthorized use may be particularly perilous (error in the compliance of the work, in particular), in addition to the risk of counterfeiting and unfair competition to which unauthorized users may be exposed. © CLAS - 01 March 2017.


Levels of risk

The founder of the company CLAS was a professional diver when the first breakwater was built using ACCROPODE in Sète in 1985 where he worked. He was the first and one of the only experts in the world in charge of the complete judicial expertises of breakwaters built with the ACCROPODE™ and which experienced major disorders from 2000 to 2007. Since 2008 he works as an expert and consultant on the biggest projects using the technologies ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE™, CORELOC and X-bloc®.


This experience and his professional diver qualities have given him unique opportunities to observe the movements of blocks in water, to study their consequences and to understand their mechanisms of destruction, beyond theories and reduced laboratories models.


Based on this exclusive experience, based on the observation of the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® blocks in real conditions and associated with the knowledge gained from the laboratory tests, it was possible to develop a classification of risks related to nonconformities during construction.


This evaluation was taken up and shared by Concrete Layer Innovation on ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOCprojects and by Delta Marine Consultants on X-bloc® projects.



Level of risk





No action


Local default needs to be repaired or monitored


Local repairs


Area needs to be rebuilt


Since this table of risk levels exists, CLAS has constantly studied the criteria and its knowledge of the destruction mechanics in view of the construction defects and pathologies due to the ageing of the structures.


This table is always up-to-date. The know-how used to classify non-conformities in each section is transmitted to CLAS inspectors during their training in our company by senior inspectors.


A construction CLASS A is an ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC or X-bloc® carapace presenting a level of risk zero with regard to the care taken in its construction.


The quality mark applied to it confirms that the work can be unreservedly approved in terms of the quality of its construction.

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