The position of the companies that sell the licenses for the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® blocks:

About the sling

Delta Marine Consultants talks about the slinging:

But at the same time DMC recommends a length of sling that allows the X-block® to escape. At various construction sites we attended.

This is contrary to the most basic rules of lifting and it is not useful for the placement of X-Bloc®.


Concrete Layer Innovation displays in its TID a diametrically opposite position:

CLAS recommends to follow the HSE recommendations contained in the "Safe use of Lifting Equipment" manual, which is used in the TID of Concrete Layer Innovation. CLAS will provide you solutions to properly sling the X-block® by circumventing the recommendations of Delta Marine Consultants contrary to the good practices HSE, while respecting the X-Bloc® technology.

Regarding the placement of the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE and CORELOC blocks, Concrete Layer Innovation writes in its contracts:

Regarding the placement of the Delta Marine Consultant writes:

Regarding the use of divers Concrete Layer Innovation tries to reduce its use for safety:

Delta Marine Consultant does not mention it.

The reality is that it is impossible to dismantle ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® blocks without divers. The POSIBLOC and ECHOSCOPE® tools require the assistance of divers to truly appreciate the quality of construction for CLASS A works.


Attempts to dismantle without divers, for example using grapple only, have always shown that the slope is damaged and that a large section of shell must be dismantled to remake the slope. For a few blocks to remove and one non-compliance is a lot of work and companies do not. Either they do not really inquire whether there are nonconformities, and in this case CLAS classifies works B or C, or they use divers, which is the common case.

Dismantling and repairs are more dangerous than diver-assisted installation. But we have to put reality in place: men and divers routinely carry out much more dangerous jobs on a daily basis in construction, oil, agriculture, fishing and industry without anyone gene. This is because the risk is identified and answers are provided.

CLAS is currently the only company that has taken a serious interest in identifying risks in the implementation of the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® blocks. This applies to all stages of construction, disassembly, repair and inspection.

CLAS does a safety audit on all the sites where its inspectors intervene.

CLAS inspectors assist and advise the company's safety engineers and develop the HSE procedures specific to the implementation of the ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc® blocks.
CLAS integrates its security approach into the regulatory framework of the country in which the project takes place. It is essential to accompany the company and improve safety throughout the project.

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